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  Jack D. White (1927 - 2012)

Jack White through the years... I have decided to write these words in order to make my admiration for Mister Jack White as public as possible; first to highlight the high quality of his work but also because he really deserves it.

Recently, I've been the target of criticisms and sarcasms coming from defenders of the Warren Commission Report's conclusions. Those same ones who persist in believing in the only responsibility of Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Some of them even have tried to make me stop my investigation, their exact words were: "Please, Mister Dehaeseleer do not become the European Jack White!"

Well… Those criticisms sounded to my ears as real congratulations! Comparing Jack to me, I don't deserve such an honor. But the comparison isn't as innocent as it seems to appear. In fact, my detractor's intentions were only to make me ridiculous by implying that, as Jack White (to them); I am a storyteller of fiction who sees or believes to see plots everywhere!

The two mains reasons expressed to turn Jack White into non-sense are the following ones:

1°) The HSCA accused Jack of having no grade in photogrammetry, what makes his detractors say that all his analyses are not valuable, precise or convincing.

2°) Jack White is convinced, and he demonstrated, that some of the Apollo mission pictures were not made on the moon but taken on earth, in studio!

It's IMPORTANT to note that Jack White NEVER told the American didn't go on the moon!
Jack White's position is that the Apollo photos are probably faked; He has no proof that astronauts did not go to the moon.

The facts are that, for some reasons that are still unknown today, the NASA has decided to show publicly photos taken in studio (those pictures are still online, available on the NASA Official Website).

It's of course easy to criticize Jack White when his declarations or findings are transformed and/or manipulated in purpose to make him appear as an idiot. In fact, his detractors claim that Jack White believes no man went on the moon. Bullshit!

I want to add that Jack White is, to me, not only a GREAT Specialist in Photography but also he's a Honest Man!
Jack is a talented professional photographer, with an EXCEPTIONAL skill in analysis of faked photos.

To have only a photogrammetry diploma is not enough for this kind of work; talent makes often the difference! And... I can assure you, Jack is very talented!

For more than forty years now, Jack invests all his leisure time in deep analysis of faked photos or wrong news. He has always been there to help young researchers into their work, Jack has always provided a disinterested and objective help, without an attempt to impose his own views.

Jack is not motivated by money but well by the Quest of TRUTH, he is a REAL RESEARCHER and never wanted to earn money on a dead man, a renowned President assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy!

Thumbs up, Mister White!

Your everlasting friend,
Marcel Dehaeseleer

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