Charles Bronson's Camera
Keystone Olympic K35 Turret - Double 8mm film

This movie camera was introduced on the market in 1955. It was equipped with three lenses interchangeable. It is compact, light and easy to handle. The body is in metal covered with brown leather.

Anecdote – Did you know that…? External link toward other Keystone Cameras
Charles L. Bronson had acquired his movie camera only a few weeks before the assassination, so consequently he was not very familiar with its technical specifications. The day of the assassination he had rotated its lens turret into the wide angle mode instead of telephoto, by mistake! This manipulation mistake allowed Bronson to capture, for just a few seconds, a much wider view than he had intended, thus including the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, the one where the sniper was supposed to be. Bronson had confused the actual length of the lenses mounted on its turret with the focal length of the two lenses. Indeed, paradoxically (and opposite to still cameras and also the majority of the movie cameras), the telephoto lens on the Keystone K35 is shorter than the wide angle lens. Therefore he intended to use telephoto but mistakenly chose the longest lens, which was the wide angle lens. The “long” wide angle lens
beside the “short” telephoto.
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The two lenses side by side
The "long" wide angle lens and the "short" telephoto.

Camera Specifications

Camera Maker: Keystone Manufacturing Company
Location: Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
Model: Olympic K35 Turret.
Film Type: Double 8mm - 25ft or 50ft film roll
Film Speeds: ASA 10 to ASA 40 - Kodachrome Type A (daylight type.)
Running Speed: 12, 16, 24, and 48fps (slow motion.)
Bronson's Lenses: Exact focal distances unknown.
Mechanism: Spring Motor.
Lightmeter: No lightmeter (f-Stop Guide attached.)
Viewfinder: Non-reflex viewfinder (parallax uncorrected.)

Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Photos Gallery
Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Right Side View
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Footage indicator - Winding crank - Starting button
Frame rate selector (12, 16, 24 and 48fps.)
Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Left Side View
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Door latch and f-stop guide.

Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Inside View
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 Inside view of the camera
Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Front and Back Views
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 Front view, the three lenses turret.
Back view, the pinhole viewfinder.
Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
F-Stop Guide View
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 The f-stop guide
(Film's specifications sheet is inserted at left.)
Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Top View
Manufacture Plate and Serial Number
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 Manufacturer's plate.
Camera model - SN - Manufacture's location.
Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Viewfinder mode:Normal & Wide Angle
ANIMATION - Click to Enlarge
 Detail - The pull knob for aiming in wide angle mode
(click to enlarge and see animation.)

Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Vintage advertising
Keystone Olympic K35 Turret
Camera's advertising

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