Mary Moorman Camera
Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A
Overview and User's Manual

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Camera Overview
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Camera Specifications

Production Years: 1957-1959 / Original Retail: $72.75
Estimated Production: 400,000 - 570,000

Lens: 100mm f8.8 3-element glass 
Shutter: 2-speed everset rotary-leaf design; 1/25 and 1/100 plus Bulb 
Flash: M-sync via Polaroid "hot shoe" 
Exposure set by Light Value scale "Polaroid numbers" 
Rigid viewfinder on top of camera 
Scale focus by rotating lens front-element, no rangefinder. 
Self-erecting bellows design

Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A - User's Manual
Polaroid Land Camera - Cover - Click to enlarge
Front cover
Welcome Page and Guarantee - Click to enlarge
Inside cover
How to Open Camera For Loading - Click to enlarge
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How to Load the Camera - Click to enlarge
Page 2
How to Take a Picture - Click to enlarge
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The Shutter, The Lens - Click to enlarge
Page 4
How to Develop a Picture - Click to enlarge
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Coat the Print - Click to enlarge
Page 6
Incorrect Exposures - Click to enlarge
Page 7
Indoor and Flash Pictures - Click to enlarge
Page 8
Various Accessories - Click to enlarge
Page 9
Copy and Enlargement Service - Click to enlarge
Back cover

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