Was Orlando Bosch Avila in Dealey Plaza???
...on 22nd November, 1963.
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Subject: Photos Comparison.
Photographers: Clint Grant and Richard Bothun

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Cuban newspaper "Digital Granma Internacional" is quoting my work related to OBA.

08/23/2007: The content of this page (text and photos) and detailed explanations were sent to the Main Office of the FBI and to the Local Office in Dallas. The same day, copies of these mails were sent to the U.S. Senate. If I would receive an answer from the FBI (or the Senate), this one would be published here.

10/22/2007: Interview with James Earl Files - Audio and video clips.
According to James E. Files, Orlando Bosch Avila "was present on the scene" (Dealey Plaza) the day of the assassination. Click here to go to the audio and video clips.

10/25/2007: Interview with Chauncey Marvin Holt - Audio and video clips.
Chauncey Holt: "I told [to the FBI] that I saw Orlando Bosch" the day of the assassination.
Click here to go to the audio and video clips.

08/31/2010: Mails, regarding the possible presence of OBA in Dealey Plaza, were sent to Presidents OBAMA, CASTRO (Raúl & Fidel) and to the FBI.

HSCA Volume X: Anti-Castro Activists and Organisations - MIRR and Orlando Bosch Avila

Orlando Bosch, a zealot, turned out to be the most aggressive and volatile of the anti-Castro leaders. That alone could validity raise the question of possible association with the assassination of President Kennedy. In addition, the committee was presented with an allegation that specifically connected him to a conspiracy, but investigation failed to support the claim that Bosch had been in Dallas in November 1963 in the company of Lee Harvey Oswald. When asked, Bosch told the committee he was at his home in Miami when he heard President Kennedy had been shot.

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source: http://cuban-exile.com

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The Cuban aka Umbrella Man Friend aka Dark Complected Man (DCM)
The Richard Bothun Photograph

Filipe Vidal SantiagoAmong the various unidentified people present on Dealey Plaza the day of the assassination, one man still attracts my curiosity! Some researchers on the Assassination of President Kennedy are convinced that the man in question, usually called "The Cuban", "Umbrella Man Friend" or "Dark Complected Man", could be Filipe Vidal Santiago.

Their certainty is mainly based on the analysis of an extreme enlargement of a photo taken by Richard Bothun a few seconds after the last shot (here beside).

I respect their opinion but I disagree with them for the following reason:The Bothun photograph is far from being the best material available for a serious analysis or for an accurate morphological identification.
The vertical blurring of the photo, and consequently of the enlargement, induces a false perception of the morphological characteristics of the faces. It is obvious that the faces are distorted by blurring due to the movement of the camera while the photo was taken.Two examples among others:

- Noses appear very large and strongly aquiline. 
- Many facial details are missing, lost in the blurring.

There is another much more interesting photo of this mysterious unidentified man, this one was taken almost at the same time by Clint Grant (Camera Car #2).

This photo was taken by Richard Bothun a few seconds after the last shot. Click to see the enlargement...
The Clint Grant Photograph
Orlando Bosch AvilaHere, I have the pleasure to introduce to you another possible candidate, Orlando Bosch Avila!
I sincerely think that my candidate has many more facial similarities with DCM. For the comparisons I used another photograph. It is possible that I am wrong but I cannot resist the desire of presenting to you my firm conviction.

Here beside, the photo taken by Clint Grant from the Press car #2, the 9th vehicle in the motorcade (Bothun was on the grassy area between Elm St. and Main St.)

At first glance one can notice that there is a huge difference between the face's shape of the two accomplices (DCM and UM).
The shutter speed used by Grant was without a doubt higher than the one of Bothun. Grant, professional photographer, was more skilful and consequently he better stabilized its camera. Also, the photo is much more detailed; see for instance the strips and decorations from the lamp pole. There is just a little imperfection that I regret, our two accomplices are slightly out of focus, this comes more than probably from the depth of field unequal to the infinite.

You will find hereunder:

1) An extreme enlargement of the face of DCM coming from the Grant photo, pasted beside 2 portraits of OBA in comparison purpose (brightness and contrast enhanced.)
2) Three skin tone comparisons between John Chism, Dark Complected Man  and Umbrella Man.
This photo was taken by Clint Grant a few seconds after the last shot. Click to see the enlargement...

Comparison: DCM & Orlando Bosch Avila
Points of comparison:
Thick-framed glasses, shape of the chin, big flappy ears, fleshy lips, fat cheeks, slim mustache...
Morphological comparison
Dark Complected Man Vs.
Orlando Bosch Avila

Skin tone comparisons
John Chism, Dark Complected Man and Umbrella Man

John Chism, Dark Complected Man and Umbrella Man
Skin tone comparisons

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 Interview with James E. Files: "Orlando Bosch was present on the scene!"
 Interview with Chauncey Holt: "I told [to the FBI] that I saw Orlando Bosch"

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