Cecil Stoughton and Arthur Rickerby

Subject: Photos Comparison.
Photographers: Cecil Stoughton and Arthur (Art) Rickerby
Both were onboard the 9th vehicle in the Presidential Motorcade
Camera Car #2 - (1964 Chevrolet Impala Silver)

Cecile Stoughton - Official White House photographer.
Cecil Stoughton

Camera Car #2, the 9th car in the Presidential Motorcade (from Hughes film.)
Camera Car #2 on Houston Street

Arthur (Art) Rickerby - Photographer for LIFE Magazine in Washington, D.C.
Art Rickerby

I have created this page in order to clarify an important aspect regarding two photographs taken by Cecil Stoughton and Arthur Rickerby.

While I was working on the identification of "Dark Complected Man" aka "The Cuban" aka "Umbrella Man Firend", I was contacted by several persons wanting share their firm conviction on the following: Related to them, the Stoughton photo would be in reality an enlargement of the Rickerby photo in which DCM and UM would have been cropped off to prevent an easy identification.
Stoughton and Rickerby - Click to Enlarge...This erroneous finding is due mainly to the fact that at first glance both photographs seem to show the same people frozen in the same attitude. Also, the line of sight seems identical in both photographs.

Actually, both photographs were taken simultaneously but respectively by two different photographers, Cecil Stoughton and Arthur Rickerby. These Gentlemen were side by side aboard the camera car #2.

The hereunder explanations will show you that each photograph is unique and shot by two different photographers.

Each photographer used a camera basically different with regard to the type of film and consequently the format of the negative.

- Stoughton used a Hasselblad 500C loaded with a type of film 120 (square negative).

- Rickerby used an Alpha Reflex loaded with a type of film 135 (rectangular negative).

Thus, the size and the surface of the negative used by Stoughton was larger than that of Rickerby - Ratio 4:1

Both negatives side by side
(illustration in a didactic purpose)

The negatives below are not the originals, nevertheless they were perfectly dimensioned
in order to compare the proportions between them.   

That is not the original negatives
(recreation in educational purpose)

Main differences between both photographs
(result of a slight difference in line of sight)

Stoughton Vs. RickerbyHere beside, two almost identical crops from both photos.
As explained here above, both photographs show the same people frozen into the same attitude, nothing special here since photos were taken at the same instant.
I have chosen to highlight the same framed area into each photo, this area is enlarged and there is no doubt possible anymore!
Both photos are different!
There is a slight angular difference due to the exact positioning of the photographers inside the car while they pressed the shutter button.

For instance:
- In Stoughton, there is no gap between lamp pole and tree trunk. The man on the steps is on the left of the pole.
- In Rickerby, there is a gap between lamp pole and tree trunk. The man sited on the steps appears in the gap between the lamp pole and tree trunk.

Hereunder you will find some pictures of the Hasselblad 500C, camera used by Cecil Stoughton. The aperture cutout (squared) and the shutter, whose curtain operates vertically, are highlighted.

Hasselblad 500C
Same model that Stoughton used on 22nd November, 1963
 Hasselblad 500C
John Jr. and Cecil Stoughton
(Hasselblad 500C + Telephoto Lens)
John John and Cecil Stoughton
+ Hasselblad Camera Model 500C

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