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5 Unwitting accomplice.
4 LHO was an operative for the CIA investigating both Pro Castro and Anti Castro activities and was used as a patsy for the JFK assassination that was planned and carried out by rogue elements of the CIA.
2 Oswald was on FBI payroll and supplied information on para military training camps to them. He sucked-up to Shaw and Ferrie to obtain more info. Everybody who hated JFK was involved in the plot. Oswald played his role a little too much and got used.
2 Part of bogus assassination plot.
2 I don't know.
2 LHO knew about it, but didn't take part in it.
2 LHO was hired by the government.
2 Lee Harvey Oswald never existed. Neither did John F. Kennedy.
1 LHO fired with intent to kill; SA Hickey accidentally fired the fatal head shot.
1 I think the CIA and the mafia were involved and just planted the evidence that LHO did it to avoid embaresment and cover up what they really did with balming LHO.
1 LHO was an agent of U.S. Gov. & was sheep dipped & set up to be at TSBD at the time of the assassination.
1 LHO fired the shots, others knew, but did not hire him for the job.
1 Patsy who was aware of plot but told not to worry by his handler Hosty , who told him FBI had everything under control.
1 LHO/A.Hiddell was used and abused. The resulting three ring circus (LHO Russian speaking spy/mean hick, Clay Shaw the white-haired gay giant, and David Ferrie a man who glued monkey hair to his head) acted as a smoke screen to divert attention from the...
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1 Patsy implies his every movement was being controlled by others, therefore you can logically draw the conclusion he was lead to believe his assignment was to prevent the assassination of JFK.
1 Lee did it, Harvey was a patsy.
1 LHO one of two shooters by coincidence, did not kwon about other shooter.
1 David Atlee Phillips patsy.
1 LHO had knowledge, but didn't kill Kennedy.
1 He was a patsy. No, wait,.. a pasty,.. or a stappy ???

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